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Book your bus to Mersing online to ensure that you don't miss your ferry to Tioman. By the way, you can also book a taxi to Mersing if you prefer fast and convenient

Pro Tip: Larkin Bus Terminal!
Catching the ferry to Tioman is easy. However, it's important to remember that passengers are instructed to arrive at Mersing Harbour Centre with adequate time to spare to collect tickets and boarding passes.

Keep in mind that there may be a queue at the ticket counter, in which case, the ticket formalities, that normally take a few minutes only, may now take a fair bit longer.

Book your bus or coach online
Book your bus or coach online

The reason it's important to arrive on time, is that the ferry is obliged to depart on scheduled departure time. That means that it's unable to wait for late arrivals, even if it was a traffic jam or heavy rainfall that was the cause of their late arrival to Mersing Harbour Centre.

The good news is that these days, there are quite a few bus and coach companies that have incorporated Mersing into their route. So when you book, make sure you know your ferry departure time for your particular day and then select the bus company that offers a suitable bus departure time and arrival time.

Clearly, it's better to depart for Mersing a little too early than a little too late.

Mersing Harbour Centre

Luckily, now that we have Mersing Harbour Centre, there's plenty of things to do to spend the extra time you may have upon your arrival in Mersing and you have collected your ferry tickets and boarding passes. Get a nice meal and a hot or cold beverage at the food centre, for example. It's yummy and affordable.

A timely arrival at Mersing Harbour Centre is highly recommended to avoid wait times
A timely arrival at Mersing Harbour Centre is highly recommended to avoid wait times

Or do some last-minute shopping at some of the little shops and kiosks Mersing Harbour Centre offers. Did you bring your sun-screen? Your mozzie repellant? If not, now is the time to get some. And best get a bottle of water while you're there. It's always good to stay hydrated.

Book your bus

To book your bus to Mersing, just select your departure point from the dropdown and enter your travel dates and number of passengers. You can book one-way tickets or round-trip tickets, though a round-trip is recommended, especially during the busy season. Happy travelling.

Enjoy up to 20% discount when you book online

NOTE: Peak season is !

Book your taxi

Whilst a little more costly than a bus, taxi transport is obviously a lot more comfortable and convenient. You get to tell your driver when you want to go, rather than having to abide by the bus schedule.

And you can always stop along the way for a snack or a toilet break, time permitting of course. Speaking of time, the other taxi benefit is that the journey is way shorter than the bus. More time to spend enjoying Mersing and Tioman.

The best part is that taxis are quite cheap in Malaysia when compared to Europe, US or Australia. So travelers coming to Tioman from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or some of the other more distant locations would probably do well to go by ferry.

The table below is an indication of the taxi cost, in SGD, from Singapore to Mersing.

ModePax  1-way/
Car1-4250480430 + ferry tickets
MPV4-6280510460 + ferry tickets
Van6-10350650600 + ferry tickets

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